Protect your controllers from interconnection issues

ISOLATOR is the easiest way to allow multiple controllers to operate on the same sprinkler system.


Trusted sOLUtiON

The only trusted solution for protecting your controllers in a dual/multi controller setup.


Superior build quality

Built to last for the life of your system to protect your controllers from phasing, polarity and feedback.


Install Isolator for continuous protection and never have to worry about maintenance.


In a dual/multi controller setup, Isolator protects your controllers from interconnection issues that cause burnouts and malfunctions.

Operate Multiple Controllers

Operate multiple controllers on the same system without worry or interconnection issues.

Built to Last

Like all TSM products, Isolator is built to last. Enjoy worry free operation for years to come.

Zero Maintenance

Install Isolator once and never worry about maintenance or configuration.

Smart Controller Support

Isolator works with new smart controllers including the newest smart WiFi controllers.

Rapid Repair

Protect your controllers in minutes with easy installation and zero configuration.

Over Engineered

Isolator is over engineered for long service life and maintenance free operation.

Legacy Controller Support

Isolator works with old mechanical controllers and new digital controllers.

Best Defense

Isolator is the best defense against system failures in dual or multi controller setup.

Isolator is a must have product for a dual controller setup.

Rachio Team

Isolator is one of the those set and forget products - you just know it's going to work.

Sonya C., Happy Isolator Customer

How to Install Isolator Video


How many Isolators will I need for two controllers?

You'll need one Isolator for each controller you have in the system. If you have two controllers, you'll need two Isolators.

Does Isolator come with a warranty?

Yes. Isolator is backed by 1 year full replacement warranty against defects.

Is Isolator waterproof?

No. If your controllers are installed outdoors, we recommend you install Isolator along with the controller in a waterproof enclosure.

Can I use Isolator with a Rachio Controller if I don't have a master valve?

Yes, Isolator can still protect your controllers from interconnection issues. Isolator will still need to connect to the master valve and common terminals on your Rachio even if you don't have a master valve in your system. This is how your Isolators will get the power they need. Make sure you turn the master valve option to 'ON' in your Rachio settings.

Will Isolator work with my Rachio controller?

Yes. Isolator works with all 24 VAC controllers including smart controllers.

Is Isolator really made in the USA?

Yes. Isolator, as well as all of our other products, are proudly made in the USA.

Does Isolator require maintenance?

No. Isolator is easy install and requires no maintenance.



24 VAC


24 VAC


Rated greater than 30,000,000 operations

Install Distance

Can be installed any distance from controller

Wire Size

18 gauge


Full 1 year replacement against defects


No (recommend to install in waterproof enclosure)

Nominal Power


Switch Time


Switch Capacity

8 Amps per Output


3.625" x 2" x 1"