DOUBLER2 allows you to quickly add new valves or bypass broken valve wires. Simply connect four valves on one set of wires and control each valve separately from the controller.

Doubler2: 4 valves on one wire

Trusted by over 140,000 professionals

Doubler2 is the go to solution for broken valve wires by irrigation professionals

Lasts 600 Times Longer

  • DOUBLER2 is rated for at 30,000,000 operations and 8 Amps
  • Most competitors rated at only 50,000 operations and  .5 Amps

100% U.S. Based

Speak to an irrigation expert for pre-sales phone support or get help with specific customer scenarios.


Individual Valve Control

Control each valve connected to Doubler2 as if it were hard wired to the controller.

Built to Last

Have the peace of mind knowing it's going to work for years to come.


Install Doubler2 in the valve box without worrying about water damage or extra protection.

24VAC Compatibility

Doubler2 works with any 24 VAC controller including the newest smart WiFi controllers.

Rapid Repair

Complete an all day job in just minutes by easily connecting two valves to Doubler2.

Over Engineered

Over engineered for long service life and maintenance free operation.

No Digging. No Mess.

No need to dig and find broken valve wires. Doubler2 connects two valves on one set of wires.

Distance Flexibility

Doubler can be installed any distance from the controller.

Works great! Saved me from having to bury an irrigation wire around my entire house. Love it.

Lex Poth, Happy Doubler Customer

The directions were easy to follow. Installation was quick and easy. DOUBLER worked GREAT!!!

Duane Meyer, Happy Doubler Customer

How to Install DOUBLER2


How do I add new valves with Doubler2?

Simply connect your new valve and an existing valve to your Doubler2 using the installation instructions.

How far can you install Doubler2 from the controller?

You can install Doubler2 any distance from the controller. As long as you have the voltage to operate the valves, Doubler2 will run them.

How durable is Doubler2 to install in the valve box?

You can safely install Doubler2 in the valve box without worry because it's 100% waterproof. Our products are designed and engineered for long service life and worry free operation. All products are individually tested before leaving our factory.

What if I suspect my Doubler2 is not working properly?

Visit our support page to find testing instructions for your unit.

Does Doubler2 come with a warranty?

Yes. Doubler2 is backed by our comprehensive 1 year full replacement warranty against defects. You can check if you product is under warranty using our warranty check page here.

What if I need to return Doubler2 under warranty?

We have a simple and fast warranty return process. Not that you have anything to worry about since our warranty returns are consistently less than 1/4 of 1%. Visit our support page to get started.

Will Doubler2 work with my Rachio controller?

Yes. Doubler2 works with all 24 VAC controllers including new smart controllers and legacy controllers.

Is Doubler2 really made in the USA?

Yes. Doubler2, as well as all of our other products, are proudly made in the USA.

What if I need help?

Visit our support page to get help with pre-sales and technical support questions.

How quickly will my order ship?

Most orders ship within one business day.

Does Doubler2 require any maintenance?

Nope! All of our products are virtually maintenance free.



24 VAC


24 VAC


Rated greater than 30,000,000 operations

Install Distance

Can be installed any distance from controller

Wire Size

18 gauge


Full 1 year replacement against defects



Nominal Power


Switch Time


Switch Capacity

8 Amps per Output


4" H x 2.7" Dia