The best and most cost effective way to fix broken sprinkler wires



Doubler acts as a switch allowing you to operate two valves on one wire.

  1. In the valve box - Doubler is connected to two valves using only one hot wire and the common.
  2. At the controller - The one hot wire is connected to two stations using a jumper wire.
  3. When the controller runs the first station - Doubler activates the first valve. When the controller runs the 2nd station - Doubler activates the second valve.



Add new valves to:

  • Add drip lines
  • Add sprinkler zones
  • Water new landscaping

Separate watering zones

  • Wet and dry areas
  • Flower beds and lawn
  • Shady and sunny areas

Bypass broken and damaged wires caused by:

  • Gopher or rodent damage
  • Invasive tree roots
  • Damage from landscaping or construction

Fix low pressure areas

  • Lawn sprinklers not providing proper coverage
  • Zones not watering due to low water pressure
  • Multiple valves watering simultaneously


Easy to install and use
Can be installed any distance from controller
Operate two valves on a single hot and common wire
Compatible with all 24VAC controllers
Up to 8 amps per output to valves
Overbuilt by design for long service life


Made in the USA
Built to last using the highest quality materials
No need to trench in new wire from controller to valve
One year full replacement warranty against defects
Most cost effective way to repair broken wires
Complete an all day repair in less than an hour
Quick repair prevents downtime and landscape damage
Eliminates the need to find and dig up broken wires
Free phone and online support for installation and troubleshooting
Engineered for best in class durability and longevity

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