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xTrax (New!)

  • Change sprinkler heads in less than a minute!
  • No digging. No mess.
  • Use on both pop-up and rotor type sprinklers.
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  • The best and most cost effective way to fix broken sprinkler wires.
  • Simple installation - complete an all-day repair in less than an hour.
  • Many years of dependable maintenance free operation.
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  • Twice the capacity of the original Doubler - operates up to 4 valves.
  • Simple to expand your irrigation system to add drip lines or zones.
  • Most cost effective way to operate multiple valves.
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  • The simplest way to protect your controllers from costly repairs and downtime.
  • Solves interconnection issues on multiple controller systems.
  • Maintenance-free - no programming required.
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  • The easiest way to add 4 stations to any 24V controller.
  • Separate sprinkler and drip lines to water concurrently (greatly reduces watering times).
  • Maintenance free - no programming required.
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TSM at a Glance

TSM vs. the Competition

TSM Competition
Product Support Phone, Email, Website Limited
Warranty Written one year full warranty Limited
Manufacturing Made in the USA Mostly offshore
Quality Assurance Best in class durability and longevity --
One Call Resolution Yes, speak with irrigation experts at our US headquarters to get product help Limited
Innovation Heavy investment in R&D to perfect irrigation technology and invent new technology to solve irrigation problems --
Environmental Impact Products packaged in environmentally friendly packaging. Facilities are energy efficient and powered by solar. --

Featured Product: Doubler vs. Competiton

Doubler Competition
Installation Single waterproof unit installs directly in valve box Multi-part
Price Premium product at a competitive price --
Installation Distance No restrictions, can be installed at any distance Restricted, may not work past short distance from controller
Design Features Overbuilt by design to ensure long service life --
Programming All station times set at controller Varies; may need to dig up unit to change zone times
Proven Technology Original solution to bypass broken sprinkler wires --
Longevity 30 years of proven quality --
Ease of Use Worry-free operation after simple installation Varies
Maintenance None required Varies; may need to dig up unit
Service Life Outputs rated >30,000,000 operations Average 50,000 operation
Switching Capacity 8 amps per output Average .5 amp
Station Times No dividing a station time between valves - Each valve controlled by separate stations for maximum watering control. All programming done at controller. Varies; some require programming at controller and in the field
Flexible Programming Valves can be watered on different programs Varies by unit

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